Translations & Subtitling


I've been providing quality translations since 1998 in a wide range of fields, including:



Development cooperation and aid





Lyrics (2016 Grammis nominee for the collection of children's songs "What if...", sung by Nina Persson )



Travel & Tourism


I always deliver on time, do my best to adhere to original layouts and welcome dialogue on the final product.


I have over 20 years' experience subtitling all kinds of spoken-word material, from company presentations to comedy shows, from documentaries to full-length feature films, from how-to videos to plays and operas.

I accept most film formats and deliver the captions as an accurately time-coded file (normally .pac) and as a Word document for ease of review and comment.

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Privacy Notice

As of 25 May 2018, the processing of personal information is regulated under the new GDPR rules.

Please rest assured that I (NBb Translations co. reg. no. 6103012330) use your data responsibly and almost exclusively for correspondence and invoicing.

The data I collect

The personal information I have on you, the customer, consists of your email address, telephone number and any other information that you might include either in an email or in your email signature.

Other personal information that you might include in an email, other correspondence or contracts/agreements.

Names and personal information of varying degrees of privacy, such as occupation, interests, sexual orientation and medical status, of people that feature in the documents, TV programmes, films and so forth that I translate – some of which is already in the public domain.

What I do with your data

The emails I save for an indefinite period on one password-protected computer only. Invoicing information (name, company name, address and email address) is stored for an indefinite period on the same computer in an Excel file and on an external drive, which is kept in a safe.

All translations are stored on the same computer and backed up onto an external drive, which is kept in a safe.

Original paper documents and printouts are shredded, although most originals can, of course, be accessed from my email inbox (see above).

Your name may be used for the purpose of reference, but only after consent to do so has been given. I may also pass your name on to a colleague if I’m unable to help with a job, again only after consent to do so has been given.

What I don’t do with your data

I don’t send out any unsolicited emails or mail, such as newsletters or advertising.

Your rights

You’re free to ask me what data I have on you and how I’ve used it. You may also ask me to delete or amend it.


Given the way I process your personal data, there’s very little risk identity theft, fraud, financial loss, libel, breach of confidentiality and other such rights infringements. The computer and network where your data is stored is protected to a satisfactory degree with antivirus software, a firewall and secure e-mail software. None of your data is uploaded into the cloud or similar virtual environment.


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